Episode 5 - Tomi Tajakka / Remmel

Tomi Tajakka / Remmel

Tomi Tajakka / Remmel

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Tomi Tajakka (Remmel) is Finnish musician who has been touring the world with his band Steve ’N’ Seagulls for few years now. They became a viral hit with their bluegrass versions of hard rock songs, including AC/DC’s Thunderstruck (over 43 million views!)

We had a great Skype conversation as he was in Finland, and me in Los Angeles.

I have known Tomi since we were kids, and we are from the same town Iisalmi, Finland. I talk with Tomi about his journey, and I also try to find out what it feels like touring the world, and if he's living the dream.

Their band page:


Thunderstruck / Steve ’N’ Seagulls: